Actoring: April and May

Since Actoring Magazine’s first issue was published on 15 April,  springtime has well and truly arrived (we’ll just ignore the snow shower that came knocking at the end of April). The trees are blooming, barbecues are out, and the first years had to slather themselves in sun cream during living history. Although spring means another school year is coming to a close, it also means that Actoring as a society is running around, trying to cram in all that we can before we say goodbye to East 15 in June.

So far, Actoring has hosted two events (with more on the way!). The Forum Night on 28 April was focused on ‘From Drama School to the Industry’. The five main speakers brought up diverse subjects, whether it was tracing the journey from first year to being unleashed on London as a fully functional professional actor, the opportunities women have in both education and career, or international differences. The audience was engaged, interactive, and verbose; we came out not just with food for thought, but entire meal plans, ready to tackle more issues. In the future, Forum Night might focus specifically on the transitions between academic years, the differences between courses, or even the relevancy of the living history project.

A majority of the Standing Committee was involved in this year’s living history (the Soviet Gulag camps). But not all was quiet on the Actoring front during these weeks. Eifion Ap Cadno, our Activities Officer, hosted our first Scratch Night on 3 May, creating a space where students could share in-progress work and receive constructive feedback. The work shown spanned countless genres, and took the form of songs, scenes, sketches, or, as we discovered, choose-your-own-adventure auditory experiences. This night was the first of many that thoroughly represents Actoring’s aim of collaboration and engagement with our craft across courses.

Planning is also in place for Actoring’s Speaker Nights, where we hope members can learn from and interact first-hand with people who work in the industry, especially East 15 alumni who may have had similar experiences and philosophies. Excitement and inspiration is fuelling our communications with our first Guest Speaker, Alison Steadman, who has confirmed her willingness to address the society on 9th June, 2016.

Engagement, collaboration, creation. These are just some of the tenets of Actoring Society’s activities and events. Stay tuned for more, and enjoy this second issue of our Magazine.


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