A Bit of Sunshine

Making theatre about eating disorders is no easy task, but some current East 15 students have banded together to tell an important story about them. Bloody Deeds Productions and KILTER are working together with Theatre503 to bring a powerful story about eating disorders to the stage. Bit of Sunshine, written and performed by Nicole Zweiback, is a story about bulimia. 

Bit of Sunshine is a coming of age play about Kira who is dealing with an eating disorder and a need for control while stumbling her way through life and exams and family loss. “

Bit of Sunshine had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, and is now transferring to London for a two day run at Theatre503 on September 25th & 26th.


Bit of Sunshine was directed by Katie Coull and Ed Theakston. Katie talked to us about how the project started. “It was a play Nikki wrote a couple of years ago now, and she never really felt it was the right time until this summer. It was ideal, really, because when Ed and I sent her back to edit bits of the script she was writing the older characters from an older perspective which has given real depth to the piece and clear maturity difference between two characters which was always one of the most difficult elements of the piece due to it being a one woman show. People can expect a dynamic and electric one woman show which is brutally honest and laced with dark comedy. It’ll make you giggle at things you should and tug at the heart strings and hopefully shed some light on a vastly misunderstood issue. Honestly, what we want to be taking from it is that eating disorders aren’t just a phase they’re a serious mental illness that can take over a persons life if not addressed and dealt with in the right way. Bulimia isn’t a quick fix to being thin, and eating disorders don’t just mean you want to lose weight. As a company we feel very strongly about the issue and all have some connection to it and so we hope that there is a future either in our hands with more transfers to theatres around London or for the script to be picked up and taken onto its next adventure but for now we feel very privileged to have had the three tremendous platforms to tell Kira’s story.”

On Monday there’s a ticket deal for east 15 students – say east15 and get a £5 ticket. (Lost theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, theatre 503)

Bit of Sunshine is at Theatre503 September 25th & 26th. Written by Nicole Zweiback, directed by Katie Coull & Ed Theakston, music by Dylan Allcock.

Keep your eyes out! In the next issue of the magazine, there will be an extended interview with the creators of Bit of Sunshine!



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